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Terms & Conditions

The boring bits, but please read carefully!

i) Longacre Event Hire refers to the owner of the goods and provider of associated services.

ii) The Hirer refers to the customer of Longacre Event Hire and to the person, Company or individual that ordered the goods and/or services.

B: Liability and Payment.

All hire bookings will require a Non-Refundable 20% deposit to be paid to Longacre Event Hire on acceptance of quote to secure booking; the balance to be paid in full before or on the date of hire.

All hire charges are for 96 hours (4 days) of continuous hire unless specified in writing by Longacre Event Hire, no discounts will be given for any shorter period.
Unless otherwise stated, each additional consecutive 24hr period over the allowed 96 hours will be charged at %15 of the cost of the hired item/items per day.

Any items returned overdue of the agreed hire period may incur additional late fee.
Upon goods leaving the premises of Longacre Event Hire or at moment of delivery of equipment on site by Longacre Event Hire or any company contracted by Longacre Event Hire, the Hirer is deemed to be in possession of goods and therefore becomes solely responsible and liable for any costs associated with loss or damage of said goods.

Additional charges may apply if any item is damaged, lost or defaced in anyway whilst in the possession of hirer.

Longacre Event Hire reserves the right to charge hirer an additional cleaning fee for any item returned in an excessively dirty state. This fee will not exceed $50/hr
All additional decorations or means of attaching decorations including but not limited to; blue tack, sticky tape or staples are to be removed by hirer before returning goods.

It is agreed that any person or carrier uplifting goods from Longacre Event Hire on behalf of Hirer is deemed to be working as an agent for hirer, therefore making hirer responsible for any costs associated with damage or loss of goods whilst in the agents possession.

All equipment hired remains the sole property of Longacre Event Hire at all times.

Unless otherwise agreed, and specified in writing by Longacre Event Hire, all delivery quotes are based on the assumption of “easy access” to an acceptable distance from site. This is deemed to include but is not limited to; formed roads or suitable tracks, adequate room for delivery and or access for delivery , suitable ground conditions for vehicles or equipment. Therefore the Hirer may be liable to pay any unforeseen costs involved with the delivery or collection of goods by Longacre Event Hire when contracted to do so by the Hirer. This includes but is not limited to; crane hire, additional labour costs, vehicle recovery costs, additional transport fees due to delivery schedule or venue alterations by hirer.

Unless specified in writing by Longacre Event Hire, all hire fees including any delivery/pickup charges must to be paid in full before or on the date of hire.
Cancellation of any hire booking with less than 48hrs notice, may incur an administration fee.

A bond may be required on some orders.

All though great care is always taken, Longacre Event Hire will not be liable for any cost associated with damage done to any item of clothing or any surface including but not limited to turf, hard surfaces, internal flooring by any of our goods whilst in possession by hirer or during installation process of any items by Longacre Event Hire.

Longacre Event Hire will not be held liable for any non-delivery of goods due to any unforeseen circumstances out of our control including but not limited to; damaged stock, loss by theft, motor vehicle accidents or medical emergencies.

By paying deposit or by accepting goods the hirer is said to understand and agree to the above terms and conditions.

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